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An unbelievable job. You are so excited about this. Now let's start.]]> Baby Animal Halloween Costume http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3196/Baby-Animal-Halloween-Costume.html 2017-10-24T05:48:23Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3196/Baby-Animal-Halloween-Costume.html Animal Halloween Costume: Wow, your younger brother is so cute and you love him so much. Tonight, you and him will participate at a Halloween party. What should your brother wear? Animal Halloween costume is perfect. There are many choices, let's decide.]]> Justin Beaver Dress Up http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3157/Justin-Beaver-Dress-Up.html 2011-10-06T09:01:44Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3157/Justin-Beaver-Dress-Up.html Justin Beaver Dress Up: Justin Bieber has been cursed by a spell and transformed into a Beaver!! The only way for Justin Bieber to turn back into human is if he performs as a beaver. Come support Justin "Beaver" at his concert and help him turn back into a human before it is too late! Even though Justin is now a beaver, he still has his dance moves and amazing voice! Let's dress his up and have fun.]]> Frog Prince Dress Up http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3073/Frog-Prince-Dress-Up.html 2011-08-25T02:40:05Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3073/Frog-Prince-Dress-Up.html Prince Dress Up: I'm a frog prince. I have been transformed into a frog by a witch. I need a kiss from the princess to break the spell. And I also need to be good looking in order to meet the princess and receive the kiss. Can you help me dress up? ]]> Boyfriend Dress Up http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3030/Boyfriend-Dress-Up.html 2011-08-06T03:47:02Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3030/Boyfriend-Dress-Up.html Boyfriend Dress Up: Guys, I’m going to have a date with my girlfriend. I want to look perfect in her eyes. Can you help me a hand?]]> Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2981/Harry-Potter-And-Deathly-Hallows.html 2011-07-19T09:24:45Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2981/Harry-Potter-And-Deathly-Hallows.html Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows: Girls, do you see the film “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows”. I‘ve just seen it. Wow, it is so amazing. And now, can’t you believe it? I will be Harry’s stylist. So happy. Let’s start and enjoy yourself.]]> Justin Bieber Makeover http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2876/Justin-Bieber-Makeover.html 2011-06-15T03:09:20Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2876/Justin-Bieber-Makeover.html Justin Bieber Makeover: Justin is very happy because tonight, he’s going to have a live performance in New York. Many of his fans have lined up in just front of the stage for a closer look. So Justin wants to look perfect on the stage. Show your talent, put make up on him then dress him up. Help him impress his fans once again.]]> Justin Bieber Around The World http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2854/Justin-Bieber-Around-The-World.html 2016-11-30T10:52:45Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2854/Justin-Bieber-Around-The-World.html Justin Bieber Around The World: Girls, Justin Bieber is so hot and our boy is having a tour around the world. Wow, it’s so fun. Help him to dress up then you can design the background. He can appear in Paris, Jakarta or anywhere. Let’s play it and have fun.]]> Ronnie - The Armour Dress up http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2591/Ronnie--The-Armour-Dress-up.html 2011-03-02T10:10:30Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2591/Ronnie--The-Armour-Dress-up.html Boy Dress up game, change her look with different clothes, hairstyles, weapons and other accessories. Create your own medieval hero.]]> Justin Bieber Makeover Game http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2508/Justin-Bieber-Makeover-Game.html 2011-01-20T08:07:30Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/2508/Justin-Bieber-Makeover-Game.html makeover possible so all the girls will adore him. He will be interviewed live on TV in front of millions of people so its important that he looks his best. Do you think you can help him look his best?]]>