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Help her dress up and enjoy yourself.]]> Barbie On Rollers http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3402/Barbie-On-Rollers.html 2012-02-22T02:48:26Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3402/Barbie-On-Rollers.html Barbie On Rollers: Barbie loves going on roller so much. She has an amazing roller skating collection to show you. And of course, fashionable clothes. Now, dress her up and enjoy yourself.]]> Sleepover Party With Barbie http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3362/Sleepover-Party-With-Barbie.html 2012-01-31T03:58:24Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3362/Sleepover-Party-With-Barbie.html Sleepover Party With Barbie: Girls, do you love sleepover party. It is fun right? You can watch movies, talk about hot boys and such as of thing. Now, Barbie is very excited because she is going to participate at a sleepover party. Help her dress up and have fun]]> Barbie Fairy http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3349/Barbie-Fairy-.html 2012-01-16T08:29:36Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3349/Barbie-Fairy-.html Barbie And Christmas http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3310/Barbie-And-Christmas.html 2011-12-17T01:52:47Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3310/Barbie-And-Christmas.html Barbie And Christmas: Girls, Barbie loves Christmas so much. She love Christmas's atmosphere. Well help her dress up and have fun.]]> Barbie Wonderland http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3298/Barbie-%26-Wonderland.html 2011-12-10T02:28:54Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3298/Barbie-%26-Wonderland.html Barbie & Wonderland: Girls, do you know that Barbie is in the Wonderland now? Surprised? Well, she can meet Alice here. Help her to choose the best dress she has because she really wants to impress Alice with her chic style. Go with her and discover Wonderland.]]> Barbie Loves Horse http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3269/Barbie-Loves-Horse.html 2011-11-28T03:38:12Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3269/Barbie-Loves-Horse.html Horse: Barbie has just discovered her passion for horses and last week she started taking horseback riding classes. Now, help her dress up and have fun.]]> A Barbie Princess http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3268/A-Barbie-Princess.html 2011-11-28T03:31:46Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3268/A-Barbie-Princess.html Barbie Princess: Like every girl, Barbie's dream is to be dressed like a princess. Make her wish come true and help her find the most breath-taking, pretty and stylish Cinderella outfit for her to wear at the ball. Don't forget to style up her hair and also give her the most unique accessory, an amazing glittery tiara! Enjoy playing Barbie Princess Dress Up game! ]]> Barbie Bride Dress Up http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3245/Barbie-Bride-Dress-Up.html 2011-11-11T02:40:27Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3245/Barbie-Bride-Dress-Up.html Barbie Bride Dress Up: Barbie feels so happy because she is going to get married. She needs to prepare many things. Now, you are her best friend. She really needs your advice. So what should she wear? Can you help her a hand?]]> Barbie Barbie http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3231/Barbie-Barbie.html 2011-11-04T08:25:43Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3231/Barbie-Barbie.html Barbie: Barbie is a lovely girl and you know, she has a great style. Every girl admire her. So she always needs to look perfect. Have fun.]]> Barbie Goes To School http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3194/Barbie-Goes-To-School.html 2011-10-21T02:12:47Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3194/Barbie-Goes-To-School.html Barbie Goes To School: Barbie is a wonderful girl and she loves going to school so much. Now, as you know, she is a famous girl and very fashionable. So dress her up and have fun.]]> Barbie Hidden Heart http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3108/Barbie-Hidden-Heart.html 2011-09-14T04:56:49Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3108/Barbie-Hidden-Heart.html Barbie Hidden Heart: Girls, look at these pictures. You can see Barbie and her friends. She seems so happy. There are many hidden heart in these pictures. Help her find it and have fun.]]> Barbie Games http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3044/Barbie-Games.html 2011-08-12T09:52:10Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3044/Barbie-Games.html Barbie Games: Girls, Barbie is very happy because tonight, she has a prom. Many hot men will appear there so she really needs to look stunning. Help her dress up and enjoy yourself.]]> Barbie Dress Up Games http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3043/Barbie-Dress-Up-Games.html 2011-08-12T06:56:08Z dressupgirl.net http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/3043/Barbie-Dress-Up-Games.html Barbie Dress Up Games : Barbie loves fashion so much and she has a wonderful style. Help her dress up with amazing clothes and cool jewelries. Don’t forget to choose a beautiful hairstyle.]]>