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"Hannah Montana: Rockstar Challenge" Information
See Hannah Montana's intended costume and then dress her up to match. To dress Miley, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen on the right of the screen) Release the mouse over Miley to se

Catalog: Girls Dressup
Play Count: 224396

Note: To change an item she's wearing, just choose another one and place it on her in the same way. The old item will simply reappear where you found it.
Style up Susan
 - Play: 116215
Rock Style Dress Up
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Meeting Friends Dress up
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Kate Moss Dress up
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Pose at Beach
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Palin Dress up
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Girl and Pet Dress up
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Shop for Dresses
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Girl Emo Fashion
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Scary Halloween Dress up
 - Play: 215482
Real Hannah Montana
 - Play: 408237
Hot Night Club Girl
 - Play: 196860
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