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kamariphelps Jul 18, 2012 at 6:44 pm
hey can u follow me on twitter @babydollswaqq99
HiDdeN mOoN Aug 6, 2011 at 9:23 pm
Hey, Your damn cute. .
geek girl Aug 1, 2011 at 5:36 pm
aww how u feel better
geek girl Aug 1, 2011 at 5:32 pm
omg :O
geek girl Aug 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm
oh why?
geek girl Aug 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm
nthin much hbu?
geek girl Aug 1, 2011 at 5:23 pm
HeyItsZendaya Aug 1, 2011 at 6:39 am
Oh sorry, heyy! :)
xLexibaybeex Aug 1, 2011 at 6:34 am
Were both wonderful.!!:)
HeyItsZendaya Aug 1, 2011 at 6:34 am
Huh? :/
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MusicIsWeird 's Blog
Nerd Danbo, Hell Yep! :)

Danbo Is the Funniest Nerds IHave ever seen &  think Danbo is one of the Greatset Nerds ever, Well I think he is, But he is so cute,because he is A Robot Basicly,By how he Looks & He's Awsome, And I think he's one of the Best Nerds Everytime I Seen him On the Internet but he Always is Ver Adorible With his Pictures.& He is Cool to Me.

#Nerd #Nerd

#Nerd #Nerd

#Nerd #Nerd          #DANBO - NERD!


#Nerd #Nerd

#Nerd #Nerd

#Nerd #Nerd 

#Nerd #Nerd                       

#Nerd #Nerd



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Im A DanboFan!

Danbo Is So Cutee (As Robot)- And I Think Danbo was a Grat Idea to Creat but Im Not Sure how to Make it but danbo was on of the coolest toys I've ever seen But Danbo was one of the Top toys In my Topic but I Love Danbo So Much that I Make posters Of him on my Wall On but Im a Danbo Fan, Because I think its Cool that somebody Would come up with that Kinda IDEA

Danbo Is Awsome -(Known As Danboa the Coolest Toy).


Well Danbo Is One of Favorite TOYS i kno it sounds Weird but ILike DANBO!


Singapore based photographer Anton Tang seems to have a terrific pion for theDanbo (cardboard box toy robot). What he has done / is doing with it is pretty amazing and will make you say ‘Awww….” He bought some ‘Amazon cardboard box’ Danbos fromeBay shop and literally gave life to it. Fantastic, creative (thinking out of the box talent indeed. Here are some of his best, cute and funny ‘Danbo cardboard box toy robots (along with some other random toys)  in life situations’ art photographs for your inspiration.






















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My Lifee Is Weird, ILove Danbo (BestFriendd) ! :)

                                   Jamille- 12- Female- Awsome



Hello Im Jamille Im 12 Years Old, - Im from Minneapolis Minneasota ILikee too Make New Friends Every Were IGo IHate when people people Don't like me because im not Like them, But Most of the time im Not Really Caring About How they feel About me because I Kno im Awsome && Sweet && Nice, Im Just not Trying to Make Any Trouble On this website is to Much Of a good Website for me to Make Problem All I Want to Do is Make new friends And Talk ot Chat All or Message All Of my Friends,  ILike to Get On this website everytime I c it Out, IThink its Fun to Make new friends And Just get to Talk Until you Want to Stop, (Please Don't Fake to Like Me). -I Like to Bite People But Im Different From other People So I Craziee Some Of the Time, && But I Just Don't Like to talk about People behind there Back because thats Mean to talk about People Behind there backs, So Im Working on trying to Make A Difference In my Life so I can Do better things In the World. Im Just A Regular Person who wants to not Waste time. ILove The RainBow its Awsome

                -RainBow Is Awsome :)


                 :)-Danbo-(Bestfriend)- :)

                             Jamille Jackson :)


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Im Back On

Hello Yall Im back on I Just Needed a Little Time from Means, Im trying to Change Be Nice please don't put me on the Ignore List, Im Just Jamille Jackson Thanks!

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my Michael jackson

what Is your favorite song by mJ 

billie Jean

dirty diana 

moree write your favorites.

Today is the day on June 25 MJ ped Away He was 50 years old he was our king of pop I miss him and i Hope you miss him too, People said The meanest things About him and he didn't diserve it I Love Michael he has always moved like a smooth crimal I love michael so Much that when I heard he Ped I droped to my face, R.I.P MJ

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Im Just being Jamille Jackson. :D

Hello Im Jamille Jackson Im From Minneapolis Minnesota ILike to make friends Chat with New friends On Im A really Nice Person I don't Be mean too Anybody But If you write something very Rude I will Get Mean,But other Wise I Live in Richfeild but I live on the side of minnneasota I Have Not that many friends but I have friends I Don't Like to Be a hater I Don't Have nothing In me thats Evil Im all Good So Everyone Should talk to Me And Add me as a friend ILove to Get inbox messages And get friend Request.Well thats All for Now thank you For Listening.

Im Just An Regular Person that wants to Make Friends && And be Nice to People I hate when Everyone thinks that Im anoying And Evil Im just being Who I am not Evil. Please Like Me. Not hate me Ummm Thats It.

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Happiness,Smiling. :)

When your Happpy nothing can stop you,Only thing you think of is you And yourself And A smile I don't Like to me sad or to feel left out cause kno one wants to feel like that so Have some fun in your Life not feeling sad or Mad or Hated Just happy ILike to feel excited && Smiling Not mad because something Good Might happen I Love to be happy Not sad. ILove everyone On this Website Cause you are all my friends.

When Im Happy My friends And family are happy Never mad or Angry ILove To make the world a better Place.For everyone around Me not make anybody mad ILove Me And you I Care for makling Peace.Like Mr.Martin Luther King.

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Don't Hate Me.


Every Time I Get on I Say "Hey",No one reply's And ever time I try to 

Talk you All Put me On the Ignore List It Seems Like you Hate Me What Did I do to be hated 

For being A Nice Person Im wondering Is It Cause Im Nice,My skin Color what Is it

What Did I do, Cause Im Ugly I mean what Us it.I Don't KNo maybe I should Just delete My DressupGirl? Just I don't kno I just DFon't feel Any Good Too Smile,Laugh I feel to Just Cry Sit

Alone,Im not tring to have anyone feel bad for me I just want everyone Like me,What did I do

Im Juast A NORMAL girl Who wants to get to kno people,Can you Guys just like me? I Always Get Picked on for no reason,At School Please Stop Doing this to Me,Im Just Trying too Make friends,Please Don't Hate Me At All.

Is Something Wrong with me what did I do Huh? What? I Don't hate anybody please don't hate me.

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What Did I Do?To get put on the Ignore List?

Im Sad because Every Friend that I add Always puts Me on the ignore list And I didn't Do 

Anything Too Disurve To be on the ignore List,I Hope that everyone one doesn't think that Im

Anoying Cause Im Just trying to make friends, Im Just tring to make friends,Then when I add them they confirm then they Delete Me And Pu me on the Ignore list for no Reason I didn't do Nothing 

to make you guy Not like Me so Can you please Not Put me on the ignore list,Im only

12 years old Im not trying too start any trouble But I hope that everyone

that I add will like me,Not hate me,Well thats it For now I hope you really like me not hate me.

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I Loved you.

-When you were Doe I was there Never Left you,I Stood by your Side

never hurt you,Never Lied to you I was there,And this Is How you treat me?

why did you Do this to me I Loved you with all my Power,

And This is how you repay me I Have told you stuff that I would never tell any 

body Whats did I do to diserve this Huh?

Tell me I Loved you.

But I Guess the P Is

the P,And the Future Is Not


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