How can I create a new entry in my blog?
Here are how you can create a new entry in your blog.
- Step 1: Choose Blog category and then click "New Entry" to start:

- Step 2: There a window open for you to write your contents. Step by step fill in your info like in this picture and edit them if you want. You can choose different fonts, text colors, background colors and even insert a link or an image in your body text.
   * To insert a link, please choose text where you want to put a link under it by dragging the mouse to select, then click to the button as shown below, paste or write the link below it. When it is done, click the mouse on this text, you can open that link
   * To insert an image, click on the button as shown in the picture below, then paste link to that picture to the box below it. Click "Insert" to finish. You'll see HTML code now but after you post it, you see the picture then.

- Step 3: the last one, remember to post it. Your new entry is created now.
Wish you have a good time!!!

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