How can remove her/ him if I don't want to be her/his friend any longer?

You have added her/him as a friend before but now for some reasons you don't want to remain the relationship with her/him, you could do like following:

- Option 1: Go to your Home and choose the category "Friends". The list of your friends will appear. Find the name you do not want to see her/him appear in your friend list. Click "Add to ignore" to make it done.

- Option 2: Another way to ignore a friend, you can go your account management at the right top, click "Ignore list" on the left navigation. Then write or copy the name you want to ignore. Click "Ignore this name" to complete.

Now refresh your page, you will find her/his name already disappeared from your list now.

But any time, you want to contact with her/him again. Go to the page of account management as you see in the picture above, tick on the name you want to restore the relationship with her/him, then click "Remove". Her/his name will be removed from the ignore list, and appear in your friend list now.

Hope you'll build a very good relationship with lots of friends here.

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