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"Musical Piggy" Information
This cute piglet has his own precious dreams! It dreams to be a very good musician. Help him catch those notes playing the musical piggy game! I assure you, you will have a lot of fun playing thisflash music game. You have this adorable piggy as your music teacher and at the same time you will have him as your cute apprentice. You will both learn form each other how to play the xylophone. First, he will want to test your perspicacity, your memory, so the piggy from this flash music game presses the keys in a certain order, quite quickly and you have you turn to hit the keys in the same order. If you miss the keys, this cute teacher won't scold you nor will he give you a bad mark, he will be just a bit sad that you haven't pay attention. In case you do it right, man how happy he is, he's almost dancing with joy for he has such a talented apprentice! If you play an instrument or you just wish you could play one, this flash music game is the funniest means for you to learn. You know what they say: it's better later than never!

Catalog: Music Games
Play Count: 1886

Tags :Musical, Piggy

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