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"Hotel Room Makeover" Information
Just imagine: you're a highly famous hotel's newly appointed manager and you need to get your entire hotel ready for greeting lots and lots of movie stars attending a big movie awards ceremony taking place in your city these days! Now comes the bad news: some of the hotel's ex guests have got the rooms that they once occupied awfully messy! Now they're so dirty and where do you add that they also need a lot of repairs (mirror to be changed, walls to be painted once again...) before the new highly picky guests can check themselves in. Also, you have very, very little time available for giving these rooms some major makeovers. So, don's waste any more time and focus your attention on the first messy room: put all the laundry, that your sloppy guests have left behind, into the laundry basket, next throw away all the leftovers and paper waster into the trashcan, make the bed, get the walls repainted, wipe the floor sparkly clean and so on...

Catalog: Decorate
Play Count: 4881

Tags :Cleaning, Decorating, Decoration, Hotel, Makeover, Room

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