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"Makeover And Spa Salon" Information
It's time for some relaxation at the spa! In Makeover and Spa Salon, you will be giving your character a makeover at the spa. Use the makeover products on her face to remove the blemishes and pimples. Use your mouse to click on the products, then click on her face to use them. Once you are done applying them, use the shower head to wash them off. Use the tweezers to remove unwanted hair from her eyebrows! Next, you will pick out her wardrobe! Click on the symbols on the left side of the screen. Look through all of the options and choose what you want! Choose her hair style, clothes, shoes, and accessories! Once you are finished, click the "show" button to admire your work You can then choose to reset your character and do it all over again! Have fun!

Catalog: Girls Makeover
Play Count: 6860

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